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Why See A Bach Practitioner?

Practitioners on the Bach Centre’s Bach Foundation

International Register of Practitioners have followed an approved programme of education and assessment to ensure they are competent to use the remedies in professional practice.

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In this video, the subtle differences between some of the Bach Flower Remedies are discussed.

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Dr Bach's 12 Healers 

The definitive 1941 edition of The Twelve Healers and Other Remedies, newly republished on the 125th anniversary of Bach's birth, with not a word changed, and with bibliographical notes and an introduction by the editors.

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This is a selection of short case reports sent in by practitioners, showing the remedies at work.

Names and personal details have been changed.


10 Year Old Girl

'The other day I had a text book case concerning a ten year old girl. Her mother came into the health shop where I work and practice, fed up with the doctor’s response to her daughter’s constant tummy ache and did we have an alternative.

I asked if her daughter was quite sensitive and she started saying how nervous she gets with the slightest thing and how her schoolwork suffers because she has no confidence, and that she often has headaches as well. She also said she was quite moody, very up and down.

I asked if she was indecisive and her mother raised her eyes upwards and told me that she has spent the last few weeks making her mind up about whether to go on a school trip or not. It was driving her mad.

After a brief introduction to the Bach flower remedies she decided to buy the ‘rescue’ emergency combination. I was itching to put together a mixture for her but she was very sceptical. However, I knew she needed others so in the end she left with a mixture of the emergency combination, Larch, Mimulus, Aspen, Scleranthus and Gentian.

Two days later, her mum came back with a bunch of flowers for me, saying how her daughter had changed overnight. After two doses that evening she had slept well and the next day had come down saying that she didn’t have any tummy ache and that she had made a decision about the school trip! And her teacher had come out at the end of the day and asked her mother what had happened as she had been really good at her schoolwork that day…'


10 year old boy

'This is a case I like to mention when giving talks on the remedies, since it illustrates the physical effects of being out of balance so clearly.

It is the case of a ten year old boy who could not get out of his home without having a bad bout of diarrhoea.  This condition had started a little after his father had an almost fatal car accident and had to spend a couple of months in hospital.

I gave him Star of Bethlehem for the shock, and Aspen for his general state of apprehension and dread.

Chicory was his type remedy, shown by the fact that he wanted his father all to himself, and was always seeking attention and bossing his brother around.  I also gave him Larch to help him regain his confidence.

Within a very short time he started to feel better and was soon living a normal life again.'


New mum

'I was introducing the remedies to a ‘mum-to-be’ who was becoming very temperamental during the last stage of her pregnancy. She lived in a remote area and, at her request, I flew up to meet her.

This was P’s first baby. It seemed that she was very irritable with everyone around her and found herself shouting and becoming difficult to be with. Nobody could do anything to satisfy her and she was in a hurry for the baby to arrive so that she could get on with her life.

I felt that Impatiens was the only remedy needed.

It happened that two days later the weather forecast was pretty grim and it seemed that heavy snow was on its way. The hospital decided that P should book in at once, otherwise it might have meant that a helicopter would have to be used when her labour started, in order to get her to the hospital.

Once she was in the hospital the staff there decided to induce the birth. But each time the day came for the procedure to start another mum-to-be arrived at the cottage hospital, in full labour, who obviously had to be seen to first. Day after day went by and in the end it was a full ten days before the staff could get around to inducing her baby.

How did this impatient, irritable mother cope with the delay?

Her family, the nursing staff, and P herself, were absolutely amazed at her patience and good humor. She laughed each time another mum was brought in, and she was pushed once more to the back of the queue. They praised her, and she became a talking point among the staff. She told them her secret – Impatiens!

Needless to say, P is now a ‘Bach flower’ mum and has the full set of remedies at home. Her Christmas present last year from her father-in-law was a beautifully crafted box for her remedies.'


A grieving dog

'My Weimaraner dog Guy died. He had a serious heart condition and we were told over two years ago that he had three months to live, so we were very grateful that we had him for so long. He was 13 years and 5 months, which is a good age for a Weimaraner.

This has left us with Asterix the English springer spaniel. He is now 12 years and 8 months, although mentally he is probably only about eight months old.

Asterix has always lived with other dogs, as we originally had two Weimaraners and Asterix. After Guy died Asterix wasn’t too bad at first, but after about five or six days he started to really mope. He wouldn’t eat properly, wouldn’t come out of his bed and more disturbing he didn’t want to go out for a walk. This was not like Asterix.

I decided to try the Bach remedies with him, as I have used them in the past with all my dogs. The remedy I made was as follows:

Vine – for his personality

Walnut – for the change in his life

Mimulus – for known fear, and the now timid Asterix

Gentian – for known depression

Crab Apple – I used this as he was bothered by an irritation on one of his back legs, which was where a grass seed had to be removed in the past.

The remedy was added to his water bowl, and some titbits that we used to entice him to eat. The change was almost immediate. I continued for about a week after this with the remedy, and we now have our old Asterix back.'