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Supporting Ourselves And Our Pets Through Bereavement

Many years ago when I trained to be a bereavement counsellor with CRUSE I learned that 'Loss' is not something we can protect ourselves from as it is a fundamental part of our lives, and the spin off emotions that come as a result of that loss, whatever it is, be it the loss of a much-loved pet, family member, the loss of our independence through ill health, loss of a much-loved job, or even the loss of a sentimental piece of jewellery, can impact us in quite a profound way.

What we need to recognise is that grief is a natural process and an essential part of our ability to heal.

This is a road trodden by Animals as well as humans and is a very individual experience with no rights or wrongs.

However, there are ways we can support ours and our pets emotions during this time by using the Bach Flower Remedies at what is the hardest and most painful time in the life of our furry friends and for us too. 


Jodie Miller

May 2020

Linda Everard

March 2020

Supporting Ourselves And Our Pets Through Bereavement

June got in touch with me on Facebook with a distressing account of how her German Shepherd, Nelson, was grieving after the loss of his friend. 

Nelson's agitated behaviour developed over a period of two years until he and June were in a desperate situation. June was at her wit's end as to what to do.

He refused to go in the car (that was where his companion died on the way to the vet), couldn't stop shaking and she was naturally worried about his herding reaction to her grandson when he came to visit.

Nelson had become so agitated she had to call the vet to do a home visit. After the vet examined him and confirmed there was nothing physically wrong, he said it was stress due to grieving and that it would take time. That was 2 years after his very sad loss.

June asked him if I could send a remedy and The Vet agreed there was no harm in trying them.

In order to get Nelson on a remedy as soon as possible, I recommended she start him on  Rescue Remedy 

This message arrived 12 days later after which I made a blend specific to Nelson's character and issues