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Pet Hangups Recommends

The Bach flowers will support your dog throughout the many stages of its life and support their concentration and energy levels rough training, helping them to learn quickly and become a confident dog, loving life. 

The right balanced training from day one is key - take a look at some of the training below, from a worldwide expert - Vet, Behaviourist & Trainer, Dr Ian Dunbar, a no-nonsense, highly skilled man with a host of experience and passion in the education of dogs AND their owners.

Positive Training

Positive Dog

Over 35 years ago, SIRIUS Puppy and Dog Training revolutionized the world of pet dog training by creating and popularizing the world's first off-leash socialization and training class for puppies.

Since then, puppy classes have spread around the world, and many people understand the extreme importance of early socialization and training for puppies.

SIRIUS at Home – Puppy Training provides you with the resources you need to properly train your puppy in your home. As an online course, you'll be able to skip ahead if you're progressing rapidly or simply want to see what's coming, and you'll also be able to go back to review material that you've already covered, in case you are struggling with any of the exercises. It's the perfect complement to an in-person class and an invaluable resource for any puppy owner who does not have access to high-quality puppy classes.

Dog Meets Cat - Problem Solving

Are you struggling to referee the feline and the canine players?

This great course provides valuable insight into how to solve some of the most common dog v cat problems 😾🐶