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Meet Mollikins, rescued by Rescue Remedies dog rescue in Gatwick, having been found abandoned and unclaimed at a Hampshire council pound.

Rescue Remedies offered a Rescue place to Mollikins saving her life.

Mollikins was neutered, chipped, and fully vaccinated before she was 'found' by her new family, who, I'm honoured to say is myself and my family.

As with many rescued animals, their history can be sketchy if not a complete blank.

However, their behaviour and the way they respond to people and situations will give you a vital clue as to what troubles them.

This is where the Bach Flower Remedies can help.

How Can The Bach Flower Remedies Help You And Your Pet?

The Bach Flower Remedies can be used alongside conventional medicine as a complementary treatment.

If an animal is ill, it should always be diagnosed by a qualified Vet. 

However, not all situations require medicinal intervention. 

Dr Bach's simple system was created to treat both people and animals on an emotional and mental level. 

He recognised that being in a state of emotional imbalance could often lead to physical ailments due to the impact that stress has on the body.

Being able to identify the reasons for ours and our pet's distress and applying that understanding when choosing the remedies, can have a profound effect on the individual in terms of restoring balance and emotional harmony.

Unhappiness in our animals and ourselves can be due to fear, uncertainty, lack of interest in present circumstances, loneliness, oversensitivity to atmospheres, despondency, over concern for others.

image: Rescue Remedy (Crisis Remedy)

Case Study - German Shepherd Dog

June has given me permission to use this testimonial regarding her dog Nelson. 

The backdrop of his story is one of grief. 

Having lost his best friend two years ago he has developed more and more anxiety over that period to the extent that he couldn't get in the car, was shaking uncontrollably, wouldn't go outside and was very clingy to June. 

This understandably made her life very difficult and it was distressing seeing Nelson like this. 

I recommended June get some Rescue Remedy straight away, which her vet was happy for her to try. 

In 12 days June sent me this message on messenger. To see this response in him is wonderful. He has now got a bespoke remedy tailor-made for him. He will carry on for 3 weeks and then we will review, and make any adjustments to the remedy that are needed.

Mollikins heading to her new home.

Just imagine, Mollikins had no idea at this time where she was heading. She seemed to be used to cars, she actively wanted to get into ours. Maybe, she felt more secure in a vehicle? Was that where she spent a lot of her time before being abandoned?

As soon as we got her settled we gave her some Rescue Remedy or 'crisis remedy' to deal with the shock of being abandoned previously and finding herself in yet another situation which was unfamiliar to her. Crisis remedy is a mix of 5 different remedies -Star of Bethlehem for grief, Mimulus for fear of known things, Rock Rose for shock aiding clear thought, Clematis for feelings of light-headedness after a shock and frantic fear after a traumatic event. This is so useful for a 'crisis situation' so a must-have on you all the time as a first-aid tool.

We gave Molly Walnut to help her to adjust to a change in her circumstances and to adjust to outside influences which she may find disturbing. Aspen was also given to help her deal with fears of an unknown origin.

Mollikins settled at home

Out in the sunshine and enjoying the love and attention she so rightly deserves.

One very relaxed 15-year-old Staffie enjoying the rest of her life in Newport Pagnell, Bucks.

The Bach Flower Remedies which were used for Mollikins enabled her to start her life with us without bringing the baggage of her past with her.

She has settled in so well, it feels as though we have had her forever.

If you would like to find out more about how the Bach Flower Remedies can help your dog (or any other animal), please get in touch with me today click here

Mollikins 'Owning' Her New Bed

On arrival home, Mollikins went straight to the bed she had waiting for her and expressed her confidence and delight in her new surroundings. 

At 15 years old, she is bright, agile and loving. 

Would you be able to rescue an older dog perhaps? 

We would absolutely recommend it.

Rescue Remedies Is In Need Of Your Support

Statistics August 2019 

Dogs Homed 38, New Intake 29  

This Year: Dogs Homed 297, New intake 272

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