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You deserve relief from stress, anxiety and tension
You can achieve feelings of deep relaxation
You can improve your mood
You can improve your sleep patterns
You can achieve a sense of health & well-being


Hello, my name is joanna croft and I believe that having a happy and emotionally balanced pet starts in the home so I help owners, who are struggling with Their own and their Pet's behaviour issues,  find holistic solutions for themselves and their furry friends, enabling everyone to live in perfect harmony together.  

What pet hangups clients have to say:


...what a vast improvement. Thank you so much, this has made my life so much easier 

June Nelson xx


Bach Flowers healed his grief

Living Free From Fear

Pet Hangups

Bonded For Life

Pet Hangups

Healthy & Active

Pet Hangups

pop over to our Facebook group We’d love to meet you AND your much-loved furry friend.  

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